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Reflections on the Westwind Experience

“Having worked alongside and for a variety of Community Management Companies over the years, I can say Westwind Management is an exceptional community management company that consistently exhibits an ardent commitment to building community, and not just managing communities. Also, Westwind Management has a proven track record of employing a dynamic team, and that results in its community clients being well taken care of and operating at the highest level.”
Vendor Partner, 3/2020, as posted on Google Reviews

“There are dozens of Community Association Management companies in the Denver metro area. Having worked closely with Westwind Management over many years, our firm can say that the apex of customer service, educated managers, and professional and ethical leadership can be found at Westwind Management. The policies and procedures Westwind Management have set in place protects the communities they manage. They work with great vendors and industry professionals to support their communities and managers. Beyond the services they provide, Westwind Management are involved in philanthropic measures that enhance the charities they believe in.”
Vendor Partner, 3/2020, as posted on Google Reviews

“As the president of a large management company in another state, my endorsement and rating is a reflection of the integrity and knowledge of the owners. If you are looking for a management company in Westwind's geographic area, they should absolutely be highly considered in your search process as I have no doubt they would exceed expectations as your long term community partner. Those key ingredients of integrity, strong values and industry knowledge are rarely found in our industry and Westwind Management Group's leadership has consistently demonstrated those traits to me in my interactions and business conversations.”
Industry Colleague, 3/2020, from Google Reviews

“Working with your HOA is something most do not look forward to, but the Administrative Assistant for our community makes working with Westwind Management easy and effective. She is a pleasure to work with and helps in any way that she can. Thanks for all that you do!”
Client Homeowner, 2/2020, from Google Reviews

“I've had the privilege of working with multiple management companies, and Westwind is hands down one of the best. From their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication - it goes a long way. Our Association Business Manager has been such a pleasure to work with. I can't say enough good things about him as one of the managers and the company.”
Client Homeowner, 2/2020, from Google Reviews, 2/2020

“We knew your predecessor wasn't doing a good job for us.....but had no idea how much they were neglecting. We're sooooo excited to be with Westwind. Sort of feels like we were adrift at sea and have been rescued. That would make you the Coast Guard :-) Thanks so much for a wonderful meeting. Truly....thank you.”
Client Board Member, 1/2020

“What a breath of fresh air to be working with people who know what they are doing. You gave us more guidance and information, in one meeting, about how the HOA should be run than we have received in a decade with our old management company. All of the members of the board left the meeting thrilled at the prospect of how things will work going forward. A really good start! Thanks to everyone at Westwind for all of the good work that they have already done on our behalf.”
Client Board President, 1/2020

“I work with a title company and deal with HOA Management companies all over the state of Colorado. Westwind is always knowledgeable and willing to work with me to get what the client needs to close, when the client needs it. I am always relieved when I see that the property is managed by Westwind, as I know there won't be any problems getting the CIC docs and HOA Status Letters. Westwind's customer service is OUTSTANDING!"
Real Estate Professional, 12/2019, from Google Reviews

“We live in one of the communities managed by Westwind and they do an outstanding job of maintaining the property. My wife and I recently had an issue on our own property, and we were able to work with the company to get things resolved. Really nice people, trying the best they can to make it an enjoyable place to live! Thank you!”
Client Homeowner, 11/2019, from Google Reviews

“We thank you for all of your hard work over the past few months, very different from the previous administration or representatives. We know that it is not an easy job at times… just wanted to let you know that your efforts are appreciated by all.”
Client Homeowner, 10/2019

“I'm taking this opportunity to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate how our Manager has worked with us in a very difficult time for us. Her patience, understanding, and willingness to work with us are commendable. I have had many experiences with HOA property management staff as a homeowner and former real estate agent. I understand that it is a difficult job and often times very unappreciated. She has made us want to and feel we need to work harder on our lawn. We just wanted to let you know about this. Thank you.”
Client Homeowner, 9/2019

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